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I'm All In

As I journeyed back from Mt. Shasta to the streets of Massachusetts, I felt a pull towards MCLA, a college nestled in the Berkshires, beckoning me to return to the basketball court. Yet, amidst the cheers and drills, a silent voice within me whispered of discontent, of dorm rooms that felt confining and routines that no longer resonated.

At this turning point, my love for writing and dreams of rap ‘stardom’ took hold. Joining the radio station on campus, I met Jeremy, a vibrant man with long dreadlocks and a passion for hip hop beats. Our connection led to music-making and a shared dream of artistic expression.

Jeremy offered me a room in his home, rent-free, on the condition that I commit to daily writing and music creation. I swapped one dream with another - from hoops to rap music.

In the hushed corners of the college library in those pre-cell phone days, where the scent of aged books mingled with my musings, I delved into the intricacies of rap lyrics. Each syllable dissected, each metaphor decoded, as I immersed myself in the art of storytelling through verse. Days were spent writing and rapping, as I delved into self-discovery.

Through the quiet hours of the night, with pen in hand and prayers whispered to the universe, I dedicated myself to the craft. In the cozy corner of a coffee shop, surrounded by the aroma of roasted beans, I diligently honed my skills, a promise kept not only to Jeremy but to the voice within that urged me to strive for greatness.

Do you recall a time when dedication led you down a new path?

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