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My heart, shattered and raw, guided me back to Jeremy, my friend. His invitation to stay with him in North Adams, Massachusetts, called to mind the days we spent perfecting our freestyle rap skills.

Stepping into Jeremy's humble abode, I found solace in the cozy attic space he offered me. The makeshift studio and the couch for rest beckoned me to recalibrate my creative energy, fueled by the beats he crafted. It was a haven where I could pour my emotions into crafting songs that resonated with the depths of my soul.

Six months of relentless writing brought forth my debut album, "Flexible Morality," a tapestry woven with threads of death, loss, and grief. Each song was a reflection of my inner turmoil, a mirror to my journey of self-discovery and growth.

Amidst the creative whirlwind, I confronted the harsh reality of my brother's battle with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. The weight of uncertainty and fear bore down on me, but music became my refuge, a guiding light in the shadows that enveloped me.

Sharing a copy of my album with my brother, I bared my dreams and aspirations to him. His words of caution lingered in my mind, urging me to diversify my pursuits. Yet, my heart knew where my true passion resided, and I had already poured my entire being into it.

As I navigated the tumultuous waters of life and loss, I reflected on the transformative power of music. So, I leave you with this question: In moments of darkness and doubt, what ignites your passion and illuminates your path forward?

Staying optimistic was my refuge in times of pain circa 2002

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