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The Entertainer

My early 20s were shadowed by an inner critic, a whisper of self-doubt that clung to me through the years. Even now, it tries to drag me down with memories of shame and abandonment.

I knew deep down, it was up to me—my grit, my passion—to change the narrative. Like nurturing a seed into bloom, I poured my soul into my craft, letting practice and perseverance forge my confidence. I decided to take it to the next level by performing in front of an audience.

During my first performance, I stood with my back to the crowd, focusing intensely on the DJ to the point of not even seeing him.

I recall him suggesting that I turn around, but I initially thought it was acceptable to face the DJ.

Then, it dawned on me that I was on stage to exhibit the skills I had honed, to share the dreams, doubts, late nights, and moments of confidence that had shaped me.

As I faced the crowd, it was more than just a turn—it was a revelation. Every hour of practice, every ounce of faith I had invested, was now alive, on display. I wasn't just someone behind a notebook; I was an entertainer, my story unfolding before eager eyes.

Reflecting on my own transformation from self-doubt to confidence on stage, I challenge you to ask yourself: What steps can you take today to overcome your inner critic and showcase your unique talents to the world?

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