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The Name

Before my trip to Asheville, North Carolina, I felt a strong urge to create a new artist name, as my birth name Mario, aka “Super Mario," just didn't resonate with me anymore.

Returning from my transformative Mount Shasta experience, where I immersed myself in spirituality and mysticism for over a year, I finally had the chance to process it all. That's when my buddy Jeremy tossed me a CD called "The Shamanic Journey: A Didgeridoo Guide," and I was thrilled to explore its contents.

The CD's instructions urged me to tap into my cognitive imagination, sparking a profound journey of self-discovery before psychedelics entered my world. Picture this: lying on your back, letting the drums and didgeridoo tunes whisk you away, envisioning yourself floating outside your body, and stepping into a whole new world of wonder.

I vividly remember stumbling upon an open mailbox that would become my portal. Inside, the journey through my mind's eye began, guided by the music's rhythm and the didgeridoo's enchanting hum, like being wide awake in a dream.

Zooming through my mental landscape, I found myself sprinting on a sandy beach with mischievous monkeys on my tail. Yet, instead of fear, I felt a rush of excitement. Next stop? A mysterious cave with an elevator to the Earth's core, unveiling a vibrant city bathed in a purplish glow, bustling with people who all seemed to be busy with an activity.

Stepping out, I was swiftly summoned to depart, leading me back to the surface where two enigmatic figures beckoned me to follow. Into an ethereal stadium we ventured, bathed in radiant light, with golden beings ascending a staircase that seemed to touch the sky's edge.

At the staircase's summit, a spiritual figure clad in a pointy mushroom-like outfit awaited me. He asked me to kneel before him, placing the back of his hands on my shoulders and covering my ears. When he removed his hands, he uttered the name "Souleye," and I woke up on the couch, shaken and in disbelief at the vivid experience.

While the CD's drumbeats sped up, signaling my return to reality, the sudden awakening cut my journey short. Hastily grabbing my notebook, I scribbled down every vivid detail, including the name "Souleye."

That extraordinary encounter from 23 years ago christened me with a new identity among friends and family — SOULEYE.

As you savor the magic of self-discovery and mysticism in this tale, I leave you with this thought: What hidden realms of consciousness and creativity lie within each of us, waiting to be unlocked and embraced?

Stay tuned for next week's chapter, where we'll unravel more mysteries that lie just beyond our reach. As I adventure to Asheville, North Carolina.

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